​Farm Weather

Weather: We will be closed during extreme weather . Please contact me if you have concerns 512-788-1842
​-Recommended Attire: Clothing and shoes that can get a lil dirt or mud on um.
-Arrival:​ When you arrive at driveway there will be a covered bench.
Come down driveway...we are at the very end on the left. Pass the pond...and park along the white fence on the left (Pretty please... try to park at a 45 degree angle.​)
-Please wait in Vehicle until specified start time.
-Feel free to honk for assistance.
-There is a playground and swing set (max ninety pounds on each swing) that you can visit until your group arrives. We will wait until group arrives to start activities.
-Please be mindful of FIRE ANTS and other outdoor bugs. (We are not able to use chemicals due to all the cute animals that freely roam the property.)
-Please keep a close eye on kiddos at all times.
-Please do not let kiddos chase or tease any of the animals​
Thanks for your understanding and patience​!!


13625 FM 2769 Austin TX 78726 (Best address for google maps)
Date: October 5th
A bit wet and muddy.​