​​If you are thinking of adding a bunny to your family... this is a great way to do a trial run...without the big financial and ​emotional investment. Bunnies make fabulous and entertaining pets...but they are not for every family.

Rabbit Roomates​
​1 bunny $20
Pick up after 4pm Sunday- Drop off before 4pm Friday​ 
Includes 6 days of feed, bowl.s & cage/playyard.
These bunnies are not litter trained so you will need to provide paper towels or newspaper at bottom of drop tray.


A Farm Crew Kiddo will be on hand to give ya a mini tutorial on how to care for your adorable bunny guest.
After/before purchasing please email me with time that works best for you to pick & drop of your fuzzy visitor. ​

Bunny Rental

More dates available upon request​